Tuesday, July 1, 2008

**IVF Update**

There has been so much other "stuff" going on that I haven't posted an update lately! Here's where we are:

June 26 - Suppression check. All is sufficiently suppressed (whatever that means). 9 follies on each side. (Which is coincidentally exactly where I started last IVF and we ended up with 21 eggs, of which 17 fertilized and only 3 embryos were viable by day 3....we're hoping for better quality this time.)

June 28 - Started 250 IUs of F.ollistim. Started 10 IUs of HcG. Started a killer headache. Continuing 10 IUs of Lupron daily.

July 1 - First bloodwork while on stimms....E2 at 179. The nurse said this was "perfect"! Continuing on with meds at same levels. Back for bloodwork/ultrasound on July 4.


Cathleen said...

Sounds like everything is going very well. Hope everything continues going smoothly...minus the headaches of course!

J. Nelson said...

Nice Stimming! Keep up the good work.

Hollie said...

Great job so far! After reading your post, I'm getting excited to start in a few weeks myself! Still on BCPs- my RE does not use Lupron, not sure the difference... anyway, I'm pulling for you!!