Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th! (And an update.)

Happy Independence Day! We are celebrating by going to 2 cookouts. Well, we're going to one and having one at our house. Should be fun.

IVF Update: I went for a monitoring visit this morning and my coordinator just called. The best news is that my lining is at 8.6!!!!! This excites me b/c last IVF, my lining was 8.9 on the day of the transfer. I'm about a week out from my transfer so I know it will only get thicker! (I have extremely light AFs, so I've always worried that my lining isn't thick enough.) My RE said that 8.9 was a fine level last time, but I've read that some clinics won't even transfer if your lining is less than 9. So, woo hoo! My estrogen is 1149, which is a big increase from a couple days ago when it was 179. I actually have to lessen my F.ollistim dose tonight. I have about 15 follies that are large and several smaller ones that may or may not catch up. I go back on Sunday and hopefully they'll tell me to trigger on Monday. Yay!


hopefaithlove said...

HOORAY for great levels!

Hollie said...

It's getting close!!!! I'm getting excited for you! Aren't you doing acupuncture? I've read that it helps with blood flow to the uterus and therefore increases the lining- good work!! I'm continuing with acu. through stims up to ET. Be sure to post after your appt on Sunday! Good luck!

Hollie said...

OK- since you and I had very similar cycles in April, we have similar FSH, AND we are about the same age, I have a few questions for you! :)
-Have you/dh been diagnosed yet with anything or are y'all (see, I told you I'm from the South!) "unexplained"?
-How often (per week) do you do acupuncture?
-My acu. girl said that she won't do acu. after ET b/c it can cause uterine contractions. Have you talked to your acu. about having a treatment after ET?

I hope your appt today went well and you trigger tomorrow!