Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Beta in 12 hours!!!

Oh, I am so nervous. I'm confident that it will be positive, but I'm so scared of repeating last time. I feel like total crap and I think that's a great sign! I really feel nasty. Here are my symptoms as of today:

-completely, totally, mind-bogglingly exhausted (came home from work at lunch and just got up)
-a little crampy on and off
-bbs sensitive with funky bumps around nipples
-Mr. C says, "You look different....fuller." Hmmmm.
-last night we went out to eat Italian and I felt icky/nauseous all night

So, all these could be something, or they could be the progesterone. They keep getting progressively more intense, though, so I think that is good. Hopefully by lunchtime tomorrow I'll have news to share. Thank you so much to all of you for all your well wishes. It means so much to me!


Zilabeth said...

I think it's interesting that feeling so crappy can actually lead to something so wonderful...good luck tomorrow!

Karen said...

Best of luck to you and your DH!!!! I am praying all goes well tomorrow at your beta!!!

hopefaithlove said...

GL!!! Praying for you.

J. Nelson said...

It's finally here! Wishing the best.