Monday, December 22, 2008

Today is my Due Date from IVF #1

Today should be the happiest day of my life. I should be filled with the excitement and anticipation of meeting my baby today. Today I should be called mother. Instead, I am empty.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Sono Today

I had my sonohystogram this morning. I was dreading it, but I didn't cramp nearly as much this time. I guess the 3rd times a charm. Let's hope that logic holds up for IVF transfers, too! Our RPL panel results have not come back yet, so hopefully in the next couple of weeks we'll hear some answers. We turned in our FET consent form today, so I guess there's no turning back!

I finish my BCPs next week and begin Estrace. Anybody taken that before? Any funky side effects? Then I have one ultrasound, begin progesterone, then the transfer on January 16th. The good news is that I don't have to do PIO shots! Woohoo! It's all suppositories. Messy, but I'll take them over IM shots any day!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

FET Update and Boston

First an update on the FET. I have finished my doxycyline and have one week left to go on my BCPs. It's funny, my RE calls them OCPs (ovulation control pills) instead of birth control pills. Pretty smart on their part! My tentative transfer will be January 16th...a month from today!!

Mr. C. and I just got back from Massachusetts. We go every year for the Christmas party of one of his clients on Cape Cod. We decided to spend some time in Boston this year, which we've never done before. I LOVE BOSTON! We stayed at an amazing place called the Liberty Hotel ( It's a jail that has been converted into an amazing hotel. Check out the's so cool! We ate wonderful food and saw as much of the city as possible in the short time we were there. Here are some photos of our trip:

Outside of the jail/Liberty Hotel

In the lobby of the Liberty Hotel

Beside some of the old "cells" inside the hotel.

The Christmas tree at Faneuil Hall.

The Red Room restaurant at Harvard Square

Overlooking the lobby at our hotel

Sunday, December 7, 2008

We love Christian from Pro.ject Run.way!

I know I've said it before, but Mr. C. and I LOVE Pro.ject Run.way. Imagine our delight when Christian (winner of Season 4) decided to come to our town and have a runway show of his spring collection! We immediately bought tickets and got excited to see the "Fierce One" himself. He is selling his collection in a store nearby and the owners hosted his show. I felt like we were in NYC! Lots of glamorous models, gorgeous clothes, and champagne flowing - not the usual scene for homebodies like us! Christian himself was so nice, patient, and gracious to all his fans. We were thrilled to meet him and be able to rub elbows with such a cool guy.
PS...He's tiny! I'm 5'1" tall, and you can see that he's only got an inch or so on me!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Started meds for FET!!!

Big news here at the Yellow Room. After a ttc break, we went to the RE yesterday just for a consultation. Our usual RE left in August to take a job in Atlanta, so we went to meet our new doctor (in the same practice) and see what his recommendations were. He was so nice and started by giving us a pep-talk and telling us that he knows we'll be successful; we just need to have patience and persistence. He said since we're young, healthy, and have good quality eggs/sperm, we have lots of things going for us that will ultimately lead to a baby.

My main questions for him were about my chemical pregnancy and my miscarriage and why they happened. I said I was interested in more tests, although I knew Mr. C. wasn't as excited about more testing since we've done so much already. The RE said he's all about compromise and would give me the moderate RPL panel of tests and not the whole panel. He'll be testing for the more common, treatable problems that could give us an answer. I had my blood drawn this morning and we should get the results in the next 2-3 weeks.

After he spoke to us about our frozen embryos and how the FET process works, we decided to just go ahead and do it! I don't have to wait for my next AF or anything, he said to start the BCPs yesterday, take them for 3 weeks, then take estrogen and progesterone for around 3 weeks, then have the transfer! Mr. C. and I did not go in expecting to start this process that very day, but we talked about it and are both ready to get this party started! I'm nervous, but excited. We are not telling ANYONE in real life, so only you blog friends get to know our secret!

BTW, we have 2 frozen embies - one 4AA and one 4AB...great quality! If both survive the freeze, he gives us a 40% chance of pregnancy. Not great, but we'll take it!