Sunday, July 6, 2008

Today's Update

I FINALLY heard from my IVF Coordinator about this morning's monitoring appointment. I was freaking out b/c the tech this morning said that I may be ready to trigger tonight and I was getting SO nervous! It looks like the trigger will be tomorrow because I have some follies that are almost big enough, but not quite. I've already got several at 20, 19 and 18mms but there are a lot more that need one more day to catch up to those. My E2 level is 3300 and I'm staying at 225 IUs of F.ollistim tonight. I AM SO SCARED OF OHSS. My E2 level is higher and I've got more follicles cookin' than I did last time and so I'm afraid OHSS is going to come back to visit. It's the most uncool thing ever and I've got to find a way to get over this terror that I'm going to have it again. Any ideas?

Oops, I forgot to mention a little detail...MY LINING IS AT 9.4 ALREADY!!!! YIPEE!

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hopefaithlove said...

Hooray for all the folies and the lining... I have my 1st follie check tomorrow, so now the cycle is feeling real. Back in the game.