Monday, June 30, 2008

Baby Time!

My friend had her baby! (This is the friend we had a baby shower for a few weeks ago.) She had the baby yesterday. It is a boy named Landon. He is beautiful. We visited her in the hospital today and got to hold him. He is perfect and tiny and smells good. This is a terrible photo of us, but as you've probably noticed, I love to document with pictures! (Notice Mr. C's self proclaimed "fake smile" and my "I'm doped up on fertility drugs" expression.)


J. Nelson said...

To me they look like real smiles. Mr.C seems to be a natural with the little bundle of joy. My hubby wouldn't have even touched him with the fear he would hurt him.

Chelle said...

Nonsense! That is a good pic!

Chelle said...

I am not happy to hear that you are having headaches.. But I am happy to hear that someone else is... Does that make any sense?! How far out are you from ER? You must be getting pretty close.. I think you are about a week ahead of me. Keep us posted!