Thursday, February 25, 2010

30 Weeks Today!!!!!!!

Wow, I feel like this is a huge milestone! I can't believe I'm in the 30's already! This week we had our hospital tour as part of our childbirth class. The delivery rooms are very nice and cozy. After delivery, we have the choice of going to a room where we have the option of the baby going to the nursery or a room where the baby is with us constantly. We're not sure which to choose, but it seems like it would be nice to have the option of the baby going to the nursery if we need some rest. Although I doubt I'll let him/her out of my sight!

Mr. C has started talking to the baby each night right before we go to sleep. It must like his voice because it always starts moving like crazy! Then it gets hyper and I can't go to sleep because it's turning flips and dancing around. It's funny because Mr. C always gets really hyper right before bed. This is something I was hoping he would NOT pass on to our child...hahaha!

I'm feeling great and getting excited about all our showers coming up. I found out yesterday that the school where I teach part-time is planning a surprise shower for me in April, so that brings me to a total of 5 showers...yikes! It makes me feel so good that everyone wants to celebrate this miracle baby. I guess that is one good thing about sharing our IVF journey with everyone - they understand how amazing this baby is and that he or she is truly a wonderful miracle.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

29 Weeks (a little late)

The baby is definitely getting bigger! Everywhere I go, I get comments from random people about my pregnancy. People love to ask how far along I am, when my due date is, whether it's a boy or girl, etc. Today in Chick-Fil-A (yes, I was naughty!) the cashier said I was beautiful and that she was going to be especially nice to me as a good example to my baby. Funny! Luckily I haven't had any strangers trying to grope my belly. That would not be cool. I love all the attention!

I've been feeling good except for some back problems this week. Luckily I have a miracle-worker chiropractor who is incredibly helpful. It's getting more difficult to sleep and I'm feeling very tight, but otherwise I'm doing well. As I type this, the baby has the hiccups! I love feeling him/her move all the time.

Here I am at 29 weeks:

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Snowmeggedon 2010!

Amazingly enough, it has snowed here in SC! It NEVER snows, so we were very surprised when it started coming down yesterday afternoon. It was a beautiful snow - very light and fluffy. By this morning, we had about 7 inches. It's already melted SO much and there's nothing on the road, so that's nice. Here are some photos for your viewing pleasure!

Last night with the snow pouring down.

A view of our pergola out the window.

The gate leading to our backyard.

Sweet Dunkin.

Hershey loves to eat snow!

Our house.

Two big pregnant ladies! (Her little sign says "Baby Bump".)

Mr. C giving the snow lady some love!

The pups helped build our snow lady, too.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

We have a crib!!!

Our day in pictures:

It's here!!!

Mr. C. is an expert crib assembler.

Hershey supervised the process.

I love, love, love it!

We still need wall decorations and curtains, but it's definitely coming together!

27 weeks

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Car wreck (but we're fine)

Baby G and I had a scary day today. I was going to pick up lunch and a guy backed out without looking and rammed into the passenger side of my car. I drive a Volvo V50 and he was in a huge Excursion. His trailer hitch tore a big hole in my car and crumpled my passenger side door. Luckily it was the passenger side and my airbags didn't deploy. I felt fine afterward but was definitely rattled. I called my OB's office and told them what happened. They said to come in and get checked out just to be safe.

I LOVE my OB's office! I was so impressed with them today. They don't mess around when something scary happens. The dr. did a physical exam first, feeling all along my back and belly. Everything was fine and pain free. Then she hooked me up for a non-stress test. It was so neat to sit there and listen to the baby's heartbeat for 15 minutes. I had to press a little button whenever I felt the baby move. The nurse and OB were both very impressed with the results. They said the printout looked perfect; just what they like to see. Then the OB ordered an ultrasound which of course I was thrilled about! I was SO happy to see the baby again. She looked at the placenta and said it looked beautiful (wrecks can cause placental abruption, apparently) and then looked at the baby who was moving and kicking like crazy. The u/s tech even saw an elbow or knee poke out of my belly during the scan! The best part was when the baby cute! We got a mid-yawn photo and it looks like the baby has it's daddy's big mouth. (Just kidding, Mr. C!)

Anyway, I'm now exhausted, but feeling fine and very reassured that the baby wasn't phased at all by my little adventure. I wish I could say the same about my car! Here are 2 photos from the u/s today.

Baby G is looking right at us.

BIG yawn!