Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Back From ER

I'm back but very woozy, so this will be short. 22 eggs!!!! Can't wait to hear the fertilization report tomorrow. Yay! Going to sleep now.


mr. c said...

This is the *real* Mr. C. I think it's past time for me to do a shoutout to my lovely wife. While she was in recovery today I was being a typical goofball (my stress coping mechanism). Of course, I made the typical nonsensical male comment, "I'd have this baby if I could." It got the requisite chuckles from K and the recovery nurse, but then K said something to the effect that if I were the one having to go thru the girl's part of IVF that I'd be better at it. Nothing could be further from the truth. I would have run and hidden at the sign of the first infertility consultation. K is a ROCK in all of this who has been dealt many unfair blows as many of you readers have. Just when she is getting a break, something else comes up to suck the wind out of her sail. So the girl is due some good, GREAT mojo and some smooth sailing! Thank you to all you bloggers for giving her cheer and support along the way. It rubs off on me now and again. I think I'll go check on her and let her know she has a new reply on her blog. :)

Chelle said...

WOW!! Congrats! I am so excited for yoU! 22 eggs is awesome! Just think-one of those may be your baby! I've got goose bumps!

And Mr C- what a nice post for your wife! That was really nice to recognize how strong your wife is. And I know she appreciates your support.

J. Nelson said...

Mr. C your Awesome. Even though you guys can't physically have the baby, you play a big role in making it happen.

Go Embryos!

Hollie said...

22 eggs! You are an egg-making machine!! :)
Good job and I hope you have a terrific fertilization report tomorrow!
Mr. C, I know your wife really appreciates your support and recognition that this is a really hard, emotional process to go through. Take care of her and I'll be checking back on you guys!!!
Good luck!

Cathleen said...

Wow! 22 eggs! That is fantastic. Can't wait to hear the fertilization report!

Mr C, what a sweet and supportive comment. Hoping for nothing but great things for you guys!

hopefaithlove said...

WOW Congrats on your 22 EGGIES!!!!!