Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow Days!

It's been snowing in South Carolina! We hardly ever get snow, and when we do, the whole town shuts down! It's day three of "Snowmegeddon 2011" and school is still out, even though the roads are clear and the snow is starting to melt. It was so much fun to wake up on Monday morning to a white wonderland with huge flakes coming down. Mr. C built a fire and worked in the living room all day so we could all be together in front of the fireplace. We took Lily outside to play in her snowsuit and she looked so cute!

Actually, it isn't the first time it's snowed this winter. It snowed the day after Christmas, but only a little, and it melted almost as soon as it stopped coming down. It was fun to take Lily out in her first snow that day, though. Of course we had to capture the day in pictures!

Look, Mommy...snow!

"Sledding" on the cooler lid.

Ummmm, snow doesn't taste as good as I thought it would!

In other news, today is Lily's 8 month birthday! I can't believe time is going so quickly. I bought a book called If I Could Keep You Little at the bookstore is so sweet and is written from the point of view of a mother telling her baby how she wants to keep her little and do all the fun baby activities with her but then she would miss out on her becoming independent and choosing her own friends and becoming her own person. I can't describe it, but it is so sweet and poignant and I cried when I read it in Barnes and Noble. The author is Marianne Richmond if you want to check it out.

Lily now has two teeth and is starting to eat puffs! She also can clap her hands. (Soon I'll post a video of her clapping.) She weighs almost 21 lbs. and is wearing some 9 month clothes and some 12 month. Yikes! Stay tuned for more updates...I'm going to make it my New Year's goal to post at least once a week. We'll see how that goes!