Monday, June 16, 2008

The Hostess With the Mostest

Well, I accomplished something this weekend that I never thought I would be able to do. My husband and I hosted a baby shower at our house!!! When my husband first brought up that we have a shower for one of my best friends, I lost it and got so angry at him for not understanding how hard that would be for me. I told him that I wasn't even going to attend her baby shower, much less host one! Not that I didn't love her or wish her well, I just knew I couldn't handle it emotionally. Then a couple of months later, my mom suggested we host the shower. Again, I totally lost it and was crying and freaking out and was so angry at everyone for having no clue what it felt like to be me. But then I started thinking.

This is one of my closest friends and she deserves a party! It was time for me to put my feelings on the back burner and be a good friend. This girl is someone who called me every single day during my IVF cycle, starting with the day I began F.ollistem and going all the way through the 2ww. She called to check on me every day! She hosted a wedding shower for me when she wasn't yet married and I knew she wanted to be more than anything. Unfortunately, we've been trying to get pregnant since before she even started dating her husband (!) and that always gets to me.
Anyway, I decided to put all my feelings aside and do this thing! It was a cookout for couples at our house. I decided to look at it more as a big dinner party and less like a baby shower. It was a book shower, so everyone brought their favorite children's book. I made homemade bookmarks for favors and a book for the guests to write their advice in. It turned out to be a huge success and I actually had FUN! We didn't play any dumb shower games and since the gifts were books, we weren't overrun with lots of baby garb in our living room. I think that made it easier to deal with. Some other friends brought their 8 week old and I was okay with that, too.

I'm proud of myself. I'm so happy I did this for my friend. I'm so glad she's my friend. Yay!

Holding a friend's baby...

The bookmark favors and advice book I made:


Kristin (kekis) said...

This is my first time visiting your blog, but can I just say that I'm proud of you? Not everyone can understand what a difficult thing any baby shower can be, much less one in your own home (and with a baby there!). You should be thrilled and proud of yourself.

GL with this round. I hope to see your BFP very soon. Oh, and I love your dogs! :)

Chelle said...

I agree! You should be really proud of yourself. I don't think I could do it.. Good for you.

J. Nelson said...


Chelle said...

Yes, they hook me up to the electrode thingies and then they cover me with a warm blanket. I am going twice a week too. I am with you.. IT BETTER PAY OFF!! I'm sure it will! If not, well, it's an experience anyway. (I always have to add an "if not" statement b/c I dont want to JINX anything..)

Hollie said...

I am so proud of you! Yes, I too am hosting a baby shower at my house for my sister-in-law in a few weeks. I am dreading it, but I know it is "the right thing to do". You were smart to make it a couple's shower though- I didn't think of that til AFTER plans were in the making for a regular ladies shower where there's gonna be tons of my mom's friends asking, "and YOU- what are YOU waiting for??" I'm still trying to prepare a comment for that (can't come up with anything yet!!).
I know it's hard- I have had SO many friends have babies in the last year, several of them started dating when we started TTC, now they're married AND have a baby. That gets to me too.
I have to believe though that we are on our way, and it will happen soon, just not as soon as we would have liked. Good luck and I'm proud of you- I will try to be smiling as much as you were in those pics!

Baby and Me said...

That is so wonderful that you were able to find it in your heart to do that. I am sure she really is greatful to have such a great friend like you.