Thursday, June 5, 2008

Beaufort, SC

Last weekend my mom and I went on a girls' weekend to Beaufort. In addition to great shopping, Beaufort is BEAUTIFUL! We took an amazing horse carriage ride and saw so many historic sites, places where movies had been filmed, and gorgeous antibellum homes. Here are some photos!

The ruins of Sheldon Church, burned during the Civil War

A church where the gravestones were used as operating tables during the Civil War

The lighthouse on Hunting Island

Looking up at all the stairs we had to climb to get to the top of the lighthouse!


Hollie said...

HI Kelly! Just checking to see how you're doing. When do you start stims again? I just saw my RE yesterday (well, just went in for the day 3 lab). I will be starting stims on JULY 22nd. I just started BCPs yesterday to keep my cycle regular until July. GOOD LUCK TO US!

By the way, I'm in the south too- Louisiana! Where are you?

Hollie said...

Yes, it is just as hot in La.! It was 95 today- UGH. Of course, here, that is with 100% humidity most days!

Your ER will be before I even start stims! I START them on July 22, so ER for me won't be til probably the weekend of 8/2 or so.

By the way, I love your title "The Yellow Room". I think I told you in my first post to you that we have a house with 4 bedrooms (bought it when we first started TTC). They are still just "extra rooms"- computer room, guest bedroom, etc. I"m ready to turn one into a NURSERY!

I'll check back on your blog soon!

J. Nelson said...

I have family that live there, but never been. I think I'll have to give them a visit.

Thanks for sharing your pics. Good luck with your cycle. I'm starting a frozen cycle next month.

shawna said...

These pictures are amazing. I need to add South Carolina to my list of places that I want to visit, although I think that list is becoming "the places that I could have visited if it wasn't for IVF." Good Luck with your cycle!