Thursday, June 19, 2008


Yesterday I was telling a lady I work with that I have a blog. She referred to it twice more in our conversation and each time she called it a "BLOB"!!!!! I was biting the inside of my cheeks to keep from laughing. It was SO funny!


J. Nelson said...

I think I like BLOB better, or maybe BOOB. Instead of telling her about your BLOG your would be telling her about your BOOB. BLOG is such a weird word anyway.

Chelle said...

LOL at j! BOOB. I vote for BOOB.

Hollie said...

hey Kelly! How old is this lady to not know what a BLOG is? haha that's funny.
We just returned from L.A./Laguna Beach for a wonderful vaca. out in sunny Ca. Very relaxing- it was really nice to get away and not think about IF stuff so much.