Wednesday, June 18, 2008

10 Things No One Tells You About IVF

10. The process of IVF is a roller coaster with more scream-worthy ups and downs than you ever thought possible!

9. You will look like a druggie with all the bruises and pokes you will aquire (on your upper arms, crook of your arms, stomach, etc.)!

8. You actually get used to daily visits with the dildocam.

7. You really CAN give yourself multiple shots without fainting.

6. OHSS is real and it's uncool.

5. The 2ww must be what hell is actually like.

4. A positive beta must be what heaven is actually like.

3. You can love something that only consists of 8 cells.

2. You are a stronger person that you thought you were.

1. Hope is NOT a 4 letter word.


J. Nelson said...

I know there are more then 10 things. But whos counting.

Hope is a good thing. It comes in handy for the hellish 2ww.

Chelle said...

Love the list.. And I think IVF is a testimate to how strong a person is... Imagine if every woman had to try this hard to have a child... Who would succeed? YOU!

shaunay said...

Oh, Kelly! I love your list. And when you said that you could love something with only eight cells I immediately burst into tears. So, so true.

We've never met, but I will be thinking of you and am wishing you the smoothest round possible.