Monday, June 9, 2008

My Sweet Dogs

I've got the best dogs in the whole world! The Black Lab is named H.ershey (short for H.ershey K.isses because she loves to kiss!) and the brown dog's name is D.unkin (short for D.unkin D.onuts). He's a Pit Bull/ St. Bernard mix...we think. They are both the sweetest, most well behaved dogs EVER! I inherited these two when I married my husband, which was great - like getting 3 for the price of 1! He totally trained them and they obey him even when he spells commands instead of says them!

Even though I know it's not the same, seeing the attention he gives them and the way he spoils them but yet expects great behavior, makes me know that he will be a great dad. We in no way compare our dogs to children but seeing how he takes care of something that relies totally on him and loves him unconditionally is a good litmus test for fatherhood, I think. Now, as long as he doesn't whistle to call our child....!

More photos of my pups:

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Chelle said...

I love your sweet, sweet doggies! They make everything okay don't they!?