Monday, August 24, 2009

Fun Fotos

Nothing new to report. My beta is on Thursday...I will not POAS before then, so it will be a surprise when I get the call. I'm just feeling crampy and tired. Same as every time before. Plus, my upper back is KILLING me. That's happened every time, too, but not as severe as it is this time. Maybe a good sign?

Here are some photos to entertain you today!

Our embryos. The top two are the 4AA blastocysts and the smaller one is the 3BB that didn't make it.

My file at our RE's office. It's about 4 inches thick! So sad.

A very dorky pic of me suiting up for transfer.


Anonymous said...

That's quite a bottle of yellowish liquid behind you.

Mr. C.

Kelly said...

That would be GATORADE, Mr. C!

Rebekah said...

I'm so hopeful for you! I don't know how people are able to not POAS, but I will wait patiently until Thursday! Good luck!!

Karen said...

You are too cute, love the pics! Hope those little blasts are settling in nicely. Take care!

Simple said...

Woo hoo! Here's hoping the embies are growing strong & fast. :) I had my ET one day after you so hopefully we'll both have good news to share soon - fingers crossed!