Thursday, April 15, 2010

Full Term Today!!!

Wow, I'm 37 weeks today and the baby is officially full term! If I go into labor now, the doctors will not try to stop it. So, come on baby! At my appointment yesterday, I wasn't dilated at all, but my cervix was thinned, so I guess that is a good sign. I had another ultrasound and we saw the baby's foot smooshed against it's head! It was funny and looked very uncomfortable.

Speaking of uncomfortable...I'm feeling lots of pressure down low and up high! When the OB checked my cervix yesterday, he said he could feel the baby's head. I can definitely feel it pressing down into my pelvis. On the other end, it's also pushing against my ribs. The baby is just totally out of room!

Our big decision now is whether or not to hire a doula. We interviewed one yesterday and like her, but we're not sure what to do. I'm planning to have an epidural, but I'd like to make it to 6 cm first and her support at the beginning would be helpful to both Mr. C and me. I'll keep you posted on what we decide.

37 weeks! (Can y'all tell that I like this green shirt? It seems like I always wear it on picture day!)


Craig said...

Great job Kelly- 37 weeks! Lookin good little lady.

Stuart and Sarah Creamer said...

You look amazing! Not much longer now!

Kelly said...

Craig, I can hear you saying that in your American/Western accent and it is cracking me up!