Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Mother Blessing/Birthing Necklace

Two weeks ago, Mr. C's aunt hosted a Mother Blessing for me. I had never heard of this before I got pregnant and was so excited to see what she had in store. The Mother Blessing is based on a Native American tradition. It is a celebration focused solely on motherhood; a circle of close friends and family get together to encourage and lift up the mother-to-be.

First we had dinner together and then gathered in a circle to begin. Aunt Jennie began with a reading about motherhood that made us all cry. Then the girls went around and read something meaningful...either a memory or story about me they had written down, or a poem or writing that reminded them of me. Then they each presented a bead that represented me or my journey in some way. The beads would later be put together to make a birthing necklace that I'll wear during labor. The readings were so touching and the beads were absolutely gorgeous!

Then everyone wrapped a string of yarn around their wrist and passed it across the circle until we had made a web where all of us were attached. Then each person cut the yarn at their wrist and tied it on to make a bracelet. Everyone is supposed to wear their bracelet until the baby is born. It is so neat to know that everyone has this little reminder of me on their arm and will be thinking of me during these last weeks.

After that, I got a "nesting basket" filled with gifts from everyone to help me during labor. There were several relaxing CDs, some soft socks, massage lotion, and books. I am putting them all into my hospital bag!

In closing, everyone received a candle that they will light when I go into labor and blow out when the baby is born. The night was so touching and it felt amazing to have the support of all these women who have gone through childbirth before me. It was such a special celebration and meant so much to me.

This weekend, Jennie brought me the completed birthing necklace. It is gorgeous! Here are some photos of the finished product. I love it!


Anonymous said...

You look loverly in both pictures. The 2nd one on the fountain makes me giggle, though. I must have taken it at a funny angle because it looks like you're weighing down the fountain and making it lean! :P

Kahla said...

That is so neat, what a wonderful experience. I'm so happy for you and you look great!!!!

Peeveme said...

you look so great!