Sunday, April 25, 2010

38 weeks, 3 days

Well, 11 days to go and I have made NO PROGRESS!!! At my OB appointment on Friday, the doctor said my cervix was a bit thinner, but no dilation and the baby's head isn't engaged. I wanted to cry! He said he's fine with inducing me on my due date if nothing's happened, but if I still look like this it will have to be a c-section. Well, I don't want to be induced and I certainly don't want an elective c-section, so I'm praying that something will happen in the next few days! Mr. C and I have been taking lots of walks. Today we went to the zoo for a change of scenery. I hoped that walking around would get things going, but no such luck. Here are some photos from our outing!

38 weeks.

We love the zoo!

The bears were being very playful!

Sad monkeys.

Say cheese! I think this guy looks like a muppet.

This is what I did when we got home!


Courtney said...

First of look GREAT! And I wanted to give you a little encouragement, you may remember that I was on bedrest for preterm labor (1 cm dilated) but from 28 to 38 weeks...I made no progress. At my 38 week appt, henry wasn't dropped and with no more OB was talking csection. I pretty much lived on a exercise/birthing ball (which felt great by the way) during week 38. I just squated and stretched as much as I could to try to get gravity to help him drop lol. At my 39 week appt...I was almost 4 cm! So you never know what a few days can bring at the end. Excited for you!

Anonymous said...

It was hard for me during the last few weeks of my pregnancy, I was so uncomfortable! The day before I went into labor, I wasn't dialated at all. Walking helped me, but it did take more than a week before he dropped. Hang in there!

The Dyess Family said...

You look GREAT! I just wanted to tell you that I was in your shoes too, except I was 39 weeks with no progress. So my dr scheduled induction for 39 weeks 4 days. I had not dilated or dropped and his head was still floating. My dr. used cytotec to try and thin me and dilate me and it worked! I had a VERY easy vaginal delivery and only ended up being in labor for 6 hours!!! So definitely try and get him to just induce you without a c section first, bc you never know what might happen! Good Luck!

J said...

First off, your belly is so cute! It's like the most perfect pregnant belly ever! I know what you mean about the c-section. I felt the same way and did everything I could to get him to flip. I'm sending some prayers your way that your LO gets it in gear soon. Just in case, the c-section wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be. Enjoy your last couple weeks!!! I miss it already :)