Thursday, February 25, 2010

30 Weeks Today!!!!!!!

Wow, I feel like this is a huge milestone! I can't believe I'm in the 30's already! This week we had our hospital tour as part of our childbirth class. The delivery rooms are very nice and cozy. After delivery, we have the choice of going to a room where we have the option of the baby going to the nursery or a room where the baby is with us constantly. We're not sure which to choose, but it seems like it would be nice to have the option of the baby going to the nursery if we need some rest. Although I doubt I'll let him/her out of my sight!

Mr. C has started talking to the baby each night right before we go to sleep. It must like his voice because it always starts moving like crazy! Then it gets hyper and I can't go to sleep because it's turning flips and dancing around. It's funny because Mr. C always gets really hyper right before bed. This is something I was hoping he would NOT pass on to our child...hahaha!

I'm feeling great and getting excited about all our showers coming up. I found out yesterday that the school where I teach part-time is planning a surprise shower for me in April, so that brings me to a total of 5 showers...yikes! It makes me feel so good that everyone wants to celebrate this miracle baby. I guess that is one good thing about sharing our IVF journey with everyone - they understand how amazing this baby is and that he or she is truly a wonderful miracle.


The Kyler said...

Congratulations on the 30 week milestone...I know it must be nice to be this far along. I know how it feels everyone being overjoyed with your news, it is nice to be able to share these miracle pregnancies with everyone and see truly how happy they are for you! 5 showers….that’s a lot…sounds like y’all are going to be set!!!

Stuart and Sarah Creamer said...

30 weeks already! Awesome! I am fixing to be 21 weeks! I can't wait for showers!!! These pregnancies are truly miracles and I can never thank God enough for our precious baby girl!

Courtney said...

wow 30 weeks!!?? Your pregnancy is going by super fast for me! Hmmmm is the room a lot bigger if you "room in"? That is strange that they make you pick. I liked having Henry with us, but I did send him to the nursery for a few hours the first night because I was absolutely exhausted from the delivery, and I wanted someone awake watching him. He sounded like he was chocking, and it really scared me (they spitup a little mucus after delivery that is all it was). So yeah for something like that it would nice to have the option to use the nursery. But if you are going to breastfeed, it is always better to have them next to you.
Cute about baby...he/she already knows the party starts at midnight. Get ready lol...Henry was the same way!