Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Happy Birthday To Me and Shower #1

Today's my birthday! I'm 33 today...yikes! We are celebrating tomorrow night at a dinner with lots of friends and family. Mr. C gave me a gift certificate for an hour prenatal massage - woohoo! I can't wait to use it.

Yesterday was our first shower, hosted by my office. It was so nice and made me feel so good to have everyone at work celebrating with us. They went around the room and each person gave us one piece of was SO interesting to hear what everyone had to say! One of the girls who organized it also did a poll to find out whether people think we're having a boy or girl. It was 55% girl and 45% boy! She had made a cute little graph and typed up everyone's reasons for their guess. The reasons are hilarious, like, "She's having a girl because her nose hasn't gotten bigger." Or, "It's a boy because I want them to name the baby Mr. C Jr". Hahaha! We'll see who's right! Instead of individual gifts, they all pooled their $ and got us a very generous gift certificate to Target. After all the showers, we can use it to fill in what we still need.

My sweet hostesses, Rogers, Samantha, and Betsy.

The too-cute-to-eat petits fours from a local bakery. They were so yummy!

Mr. C. and I celebrated my birthday with friends at our favorite local bistro.


KimandKev said...

Happy Birthday Kelly!! Hope you have had an amazing day!!

Love the petit fours! So cute! Looking forward to your shower next weekend.....

J said...

Happy Birthday! Your shower looked like a lot of fun. Can't believe you're still team green. That's some super willpower, girl!

~Hollie said...

How WONDERFUL! Happy Belated Bday, Kelly! You are looking so cute!!

Kristin (kekis) said...

Happy Birthday Kelly! Sounds like it was a wonderful one. And for the record, I think it's a boy. Granted I'd have to see you in person, but it looks like you're carrying a boy to me!