Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Surprise ultrasound!

Today I had my second OB appointment. When it was time to hear the heartbeat, the dr. couldn't find it on the doppler! Of course I freaked out because it was so easy to find 2 weeks ago. She said not to worry, the baby had probably just moved, but she didn't want us to stress so she brought in an ultrasound machine to check it out. It was amazing to have my first abdominal ultrasound! I felt like a real pregnant lady! Everything looked great...the heart was pumping away like crazy and the baby actually looked like a baby! We could see the eyes, nose, mouth, and the arms and legs. Unfortunately, he/she was asleep, so we didn't get to see any movement. Since the u/s machine was so old, it didn't show any measurements, so we didn't get a CRL (crown rump length), a heartrate, or any photos. :( (Mr. C. didn't bring the camera this time b/c we didn't think there would be anything to see.) I SO wish I had pictures to stare at, but I guess I'll just have to wait 8 more weeks for that! Next OB appointment is in 4 weeks.

I needed to have some bloodwork done while I was there and my insurance is not recognized by my OB's lab. SO, I had to go upstairs to the hospital lab to have my blood drawn. When we got to the lab, there was this huge sign telling pregnant women to STOP! Because of the flu, all pregnant women have to wear a mask to enter the lab. Here I am in all my glory (snapped w/ C's Blackberry). Sexy, huh?


Anonymous said...

So what should we stop pregnant women from doing? If it's to stop them from getting pregnant, I guess we're a little late for that. :)

Mr. C

Karen said...

Hi Kelly, I am so happy that everything turned out!!! I remember my first abdominal ultra sound, I felt the same way. Isn't it nice to finally feel normal? Love the mask btw, great way to accessorize!


Anonymous said...

Cheering you on! Great news about your 2nd OB US! I have my first OB appt tomorrow-at 11w1d!

Jessica said...

Thanks for your blog comment- we're in the Cola area, too!

Congrats on your pregnancy! I remember that first abdominal u/s... it does make it feel so much more real!

Jessica said...

Oh, and I was mainly on BOTB on The Bump.

andy said...

Thank you for Andy and FSN