Tuesday, December 16, 2008

FET Update and Boston

First an update on the FET. I have finished my doxycyline and have one week left to go on my BCPs. It's funny, my RE calls them OCPs (ovulation control pills) instead of birth control pills. Pretty smart on their part! My tentative transfer will be January 16th...a month from today!!

Mr. C. and I just got back from Massachusetts. We go every year for the Christmas party of one of his clients on Cape Cod. We decided to spend some time in Boston this year, which we've never done before. I LOVE BOSTON! We stayed at an amazing place called the Liberty Hotel (http://www.libertyhotel.com/). It's a jail that has been converted into an amazing hotel. Check out the link...it's so cool! We ate wonderful food and saw as much of the city as possible in the short time we were there. Here are some photos of our trip:

Outside of the jail/Liberty Hotel

In the lobby of the Liberty Hotel

Beside some of the old "cells" inside the hotel.

The Christmas tree at Faneuil Hall.

The Red Room restaurant at Harvard Square

Overlooking the lobby at our hotel


s.e. said...

I am just a step ahead of you. I will be doing my FET on Jan. 8th.

You actually had me questioning (panicking) if I should have been taking my doxycycline already. I think mine comes later. And I love the OCP's- it saves the irony.

I am completely envious of your trip to Cape Cod/Boston. I am landlocked in Chicagoland and love out east. You two are the cutest couple and it looks like you really enjoyed yourselves. What a good way to regroup before all the craziness begins!

Hollie said...

It looks like y'all had a terrific time on your trip!!! Boston is such a great city!
Very very exciting that the FET is one month away!! I can't wait- I hope '09 starts off with a bang for you!!!

Peeveme said...

Wow, it looks amazing. Hope the next months goes quickly. With the holidays I'm sure it will. I hope 1009 starts off with some great news!